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Q: Is this temporary or permanent?

A: Temporary and they last about two weeks.

Q: Is this harmful to the skin?

A: No, it comes from natural ingredients and is nontoxic.

Q: Do the temporary tattoos expire?

A: Our fade away tattoos have a shelf life of 6 months

Q: I put mine on it, waited 20 seconds, then took it off, but I couldn't see anything anymore? Like it's not even there?

A: The ink takes 24-48 hours to fully develop :) it'll start to show up soon!

Q: If something rubs roughly against the tattoo, will it come off?

A: Nope! It will not.

Q: How does it work? For example, it's not visible after you apply, but it appears a day later.

A: It takes 24-36 hours for our formula to react with the skin!

Q: Does it work on fingers?

A: Yes it does.

Q: How do you get the ink off?

A: The ink naturally fades away in 8-18 days, but if you want it off sooner, you can scrub several times with an exfoliant!

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: Please see the Shipping Policy